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Reorganization of Bungoma TOWN Aims At Bringing Order and Making it Clean – DG Mbatiany

Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany has assured Bungoma traders that the ongoing reorganization of Bungoma town is for the betterment of CBD.

Speaking in her office when she met the leadership of pick-up operators, Mbatiany said that the move was not aimed at hurting anyone but ensuring there is order in town.

“We are doing reorganization of our town to restore sanity, order and make it clean and not hurting any businesses,” she said.

She added that alternative places had been designated to all those affected.

The pickup operators have been relocated to a new stage at the slaughter house land that is owned by the county government.

The DG called for the cooperation between traders and pick-up operators noting that other counties had already organized their towns.

CECM lands,urban, physical planning,housing and municipalities Douglas Sasita ,Chief of staff Janet Manyasi,deputy base commander,and Kaptama MCA Francis Chemion were present .

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