Stephen Barasa Masafu, 41, Well known to many as ‘General Defao’, father of 4, a top music coach and a celebrated voice trainer in Bungoma and entire western region.

Defao has been the secret card behind many western Schools clinching national championships in music competitions. The peak of his career was when he entertained Former US President Barrack Obama during his visit to Kenya.

Defao has endured pain for the last 3 years, being unable to move because of the wounds. The wounds that started after he fell off from a moving motorbike and developed into Osteoarthritis. Due to lack of money he has only been surviving on painkillers with no proper treatment.

Governor Wangamati  visited Defao at his Namwela home in Sirisia Sub County together with a Doctor who conducted preliminary diagnosis on his wounds.

The Governor’s visit follows a media expose on Sulwe Fm, one of the royal media services vernacular radio, that highlighted his crippling condition that has affected his normal operations since 2019

From the Doctor’s examination, There is much hope for Defao. His wounds require proper cleaning and dressing on daily basis with proper medication. For that effect, a doctor has been assigned to him for his daily treatment until full recovery.

As part of the efforts to ensure Defao affords treatment, Governor Wangamati gave the family Ksh. 20,000 for the full month treatment as advised by the Doctor.

Governor also gave Defao’s wife 30,000 for the purchase of a tailoring machine together with the materials to enable her pick up her earlier business of tailoring.

To keep the family going, Governor Wangamati gave the family 10,000 for upkeep.

Defao will be back on his feet and you will see him on your screens again.

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