Reuben Kigame’s Easter Message to President Ruto and His Deputy

Jenga Mkenya Movement Party leader Reuben Kigame has send a touching message to presidebt William Ruto.

He urged him to release petty offenders.

“I have a special Easter request. there are more than 80,000 petty offenders in prison in Nairobi alone. Can you give Kenya an Easter gift releasing them using article 133 of our Constitution? Please: if I was president I would have done it,”Kigame said.

He noted that It is more expensive for the country to keep these petty offenders in prison.

“The country would gain more economically if you released them. if you incarcerated them because they lacked a fine say of KSH10,000 by the time you release them at full term, they will have spent more,” he added.

He noted that Pilate in the Bible released Barabbas, One of the worst criminals of the time at the first Easter.

“And to your Deputy H.E. Rigathi Gachagua, EGH , how about visiting some of our hospitals and paying some bills for some of our mothers that gave birth recently and are stuck at the hospital because they cannot afford what it takes to be released? this is my wish for you. Happy Easter 2023,” he said.

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