Dear Oscar Kipchumba Sudi ,
I am baffled by your juvenile assessment and conclusion on leaders with divergent opinions within your imagined political  enclave. UDA is being projected as a National Party yet you are burning the midnight oil to localise and tribalise it. A National Party has ability to have supporters from all over the Country and at the same time have those with divergent opinions from across the Country including its perceived strongholds. Political support is won through convincing policies and persuasive aproach. Chest thumping, empty threats are zinjatrophic and retrogressive. Let’s for once respect the electorate and present to them issue based contest where ideologies and manifestos compete. Hiding behind a political wave is immoral and non productive to the Community we represent. I urge you to read your post again, and may be this time round loudly or get someone to read and interpret it for you. You may be able to see  and listen to the contradiction within it. You have indicated that Kenya is a democratic state with freedom of association. If indeed you understood that statement then where is the problem with divergent opinions? The decision of the voters is ultimate. As your team burns the midnight oil to present national outlook kindly control your raw emotions from revealing the contents of your brain which indeed are wanting. I feel for the great people of Kapsaret. By your recent outburst, they honestly deserve change. Your time is ultimately over. You have reached cul de sac.
#taikofront  👉👉👉

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