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School Heads Warned Against Sending Students Home Due to Lack of Uniforms

Uasin Gishu Director of Education Muriuki Harisson has warned school heads against sending junior secondary school students home due to lack of uniforms and desks.

He said those who will be found will face the full force of the law.
“School heads should not issue any restriction to any pupil coming to join junior secondary schools. We are warning you, head teachers that you have taken another face as far as management is concerned, we don’t want a situation where you tell parents to come with desks or pay some levies for them to be admitted. Anyone who will be found will face the full force of the law,” said Muriuki while speaking to the press at Wareng Secondary School.

He noted that all schools whether private or public should admit all junior secondary students
“Even if you don’t have any infrastructure let them sit on stones, help will come since there will be a lot of assistance in our public schools from the government and well-wishers. If any student comes don’t turn them away, we should not put any hurdles as far as the transition is concerned.

He further warned private schools against overcharging parents during the junior secondary enrolment exercise.
“Private schools should be sensitive on the fees they are charging, be friendly so that you can get students, we are just starting, and with time things will sort them out,” he said.

“Let us have a very smooth transition. Let us not have cases where students are told they cannot join the school without uniforms. This also applies to our private schools, when we have these junior boys and girls coming, don’t insist so much on the uniform. Admit them without a uniform as this will sort itself out with time. Let us not insist so much on the facilities as help will come. The government will be able to care more so of public schools. We don’t want to have those problems as far as the transition is concerned. Let it be seamless.

On management, the County Director urged school heads to be transparent as far as capitation is concerned.
“On management, we expect you to be transparent and very accountable as far as the capitation given by the government is concerned. This is a government project and if there are any of you who may decide to divert the funds, then it will be very bad for you. Let us be very honest people and do things the right way while following the right procurement methods. If you do that we will not have a problem with the government or the auditors.” said the Uasin Gishu County Director of Education.

Stating the government’s plans for the education sector in the country, Muriuki said there are plans to consolidate all the levels of education into one from the primary, and junior secondary all the way into the senior levels while all being under one management.
“The government’s vision for the steps we are taking is within the next 5 years we will have what we call education complex. From the primary to the junior secondary to the senior secondary will be just one institution which will be managed by one board of management and a head teacher or a principal who will be called a director.” Noted

The schools with no proper infrastructure are required to collude with the neighboring secondary schools where they will be allowed to share the existing equipment before the government’s plan of equipping the newly constructed structures.

“For both private and public schools, the government is very clear, if you have a neighboring school and you can agree some of the facilities, well and good. We expect you have shared with the neighboring secondary schools where you come up with a timetable on how the laboratories will be used by all the schools around. By April all of you will have at least one fully equipped laboratory to aid in the student’s education either from the CDF, the government, or other well-wishers.” he said.

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