Sh.1.2 Billion water Project for Trans Nzoia Residents

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has urged the contractor working on the Kaptega water project to move with speed and complete the project.

During an inspection of the project at Chepchoina ward in Endebess sub county on Wednesday, the county chief told reporters the project will serve nine locations in Kwanza and Endebess.

The Construction of the project is costing the government Sh.1.2 billion.

“I want the contractor to hasten the completion of the project so that it will end the perennial water shortage that has been causing suffering to the two subcounties”, Natembeya added.

This is in addition to the ongoing Kiptogot- Kolongolo water project,the Governor said upon completion will help serve the more than 1 million residents of Trans Nzoia.

Natembeya also paid a visit to Anderson Vocational Training Centre and pledged to prioritize timely disbursement of Capitation funds to enable the trainees to study for courses of their choice.

The trainees will be offered capital upon completion of the studies so they can start their own businesses.

This, he said, will transform their livelihoods.

He pledged that he would provide well-equipped vocational training centres and hire enough staff to improve quality for the training.

Therefore, “I challenge learners to concentrate more on technical skills training as this is the best way to end the issue of joblessness”.

Governor Natembaya also made a tour at Cherubai Primary school and Nabeki area where he directed the department of water to sink a borehole which will be fully equipped with solar panels and storage tanks.

By so doing, Natembeya said water would serve both the school and Nabeki community.

The department of Education the Governor said will construct additional ECDE classrooms, hire more teachers and avail all teaching aids for the school.

“To show that we are committed to our pledges I have today come here with 100 bags of cement to help start putting up an extra ECDE Classroom and toilets for the girls as we mull on how we will collaborate with other stakeholders in coming up with an administration block”, he said.

Chepchoina ward representative Peter Chakali pledged his support to the governor in ensuring that his development agenda is successful.

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