Shakahola Mystery, Is It Genocide or Terrorism?

The biggest challenge in our Country has always been the balance between right to religion, belief and conscience.

Many believers who are easily convinced out of their own conscious rely on the excuse of right to worship.
Shakahola incident should be a National reflection to the regulation of religious churches and followings to avoid the repetition of such incidents to believers in our country.

Kenya has experienced much religious terrorism movement from the past particularly by the Islam religion which headed by the Al shabab and Al Qaeda which was brought down after leading several attacks worldwide.

According to the United Nations conventions, Shakahola is genocide. It was intent to kill a large group of people which is motivated from a belief that is convinced to you from a religious leader whose main aim is to gain from the same after promising his\her believers a great reward afterlife.

Believers of the Good News International travelled from miles and wide to the isolated Shakahola area of Chakama Ranch which occupies up to 100 acres of land exceeding to Tsavo National Park.

With the second phase of the autopsy for the recovered and exhumed bodies expected to have began today, the total number of deaths stands at 240.

The number of people reported to be missing in the Shakahola massacre stands at 613 people as on Thursday 24th May with a total number of those rescued being 91 people after one person was rescued on the same day. So far 19 people have been identified by their families.

The big question remains is that who is behind the concealment of the Shakahola area in Chakama ranch? Was the government not aware of the existence of the ranch in the area and who owned the 100 acre piece of land? Who issued Pastor Mackenzie with legal title deed to the land? Was the land surveyed for religious purpose and by whom?

There are still many unpuzzled questions behind the Shakahola massacre. It is still a misery with many questions being unanswered.

By Allan Wandera, Media Student at Moi University

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