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Shock As a Man In Kiambu Discovers That Her Own Wife Was Behind The Robbery That Left Him Penniless For Months

A 36 year old man named Simon from Kiambu was left jiggered after a powerful herbalist known as KAZIMOTO DOCTORS revealed to him that his wife was the master mind behind the robbery that had occurred to him months back which left him penniless.

‘’In the month of February I withdrew a huge sum of money from the bank to continue with the construction of a house I had started building back in the village. That day, I took a detour to Nairobi to grab a few things for my wife and children. Sadly on my way home I was attacked by three unidentified men who wore masks”, explained Simon.

The robbers left Simon penniless with no means to get home after eloping with his car and all his money. He spent hours on the streets of Nairobi trying to convince drivers to give him a ride to Kiambu. Eventually he came across a Good Samaritan who agreed to drive him straight home.

Once Simon got home, he vowed to look for ways to punish the people responsible for robbing and rendering him penniless. He fully dedicated his time to search for the most effective ways to catch the robbers. In the month of February, he came across an advert of a herbalist called KAZIMOTO DOCTORS on the internet.

“I was desperate for answers and I also needed these evil people to be punished for what they did to me. Once I saw the mighty works of KAZIMOTO DOCTORS’ on these testimonials, I had no doubt in my mind that he was the right Doctor for the job,” said Simon.

KAZIMOTO DOCTORS performed his miraculous spell just through the phone call that lasted for about five minutes and revealed to Simon that his wife was the mastermind to the robbery that happened to him.

After the dreadful truth was revealed, Simon confronted his wife. She immediately busted into tears and revealed that what the witch doctor had revealed to him was all true. Simon cried his heart out after listening to his wife’s confession.

He later called the police on his wife and her accomplices, they were jailed and fined for committing the robbery. Simon was given the surely by the authorities that a similar amount he lost during the robbery would be compensated to him plus a huge interest.

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