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Shock as a Thief Walks Naked in Kitale Town

Residents of Kitale were recently treated to a bizarre incident after a middle aged man went crazy after walking naked in the streets of Kitale .

According to eye witnessed the middle aged man had been having an affair with other man’s

“This man we have been told that he has been sleeping with other peoples wife and as the saying
goes the days of a thief are forty today was his day since he messed with the wrong person,” said
one of the eye witnessed.

Close sources to the victim said that the 32 year old was married but he had the tendency of
having illicit affairs with other men’s wives but at this particular day things had came out clear.
One of the men whose wife had been taken by this said that his wife had been having the affair
with the man for a long time

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“I want to advise men if a woman is married leave here alone because you might face what this guy has faced,” another eye witness said.

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