Shock As Pastor In Kitui Who Had Been Conning Followers To Sow Seeds Of Riches With Him Turns Mad

The residents of Kitui were treated with so much drama after one of the pastors who they believed to be a man of God suddenly turned mad in the midst of his congregation.

According to one of his faithful followers, the Pastor had been extorting huge loads of money from them in the name of sowing rich seeds with him.

“The proclaimed man of God had asked me to give him an offering of half a million shillings. He assured me that the offering would later bear great success in my life. This however did not happen at all”, said one of his followers.

At the time the self-proclaimed man of God had conned a lot of people at the church leaving them in a broke or deep in debt state. The followers of the pastor finally had enough of his lies and decided to take action on him.

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“The spell made the pastor mad until he finally agreed to refund all our money,” said one of the followers.
After that the young preacher returned all his followers money and vowed never to repeat such an act.
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