Shock in Kitale as a man barks like a dog after stealing from electronics shop

Alberto Renju, a young man from Matisi Kitale has shocked the residents of Kitale town as he backed as a dog in broad daylight living people wondering about the abnormal condition he was. This is after he was allegedly broke into the electronic shop and stole a number of electronic devices including three sets of apple laptops worth thousands of money, five mobile phones, two sets of 55 inch smart TV before leaving the shop. Juma, the electronic shop owner revealed this after he got into his shop only to find his shop bungled.

When he just arrived at the shop and found the main door broken he reported the matter to the police station in Kitale police station where the investigation delayed for unknown reason, Juma decided to look for various measures so that he can recover his stolen items. He was unsuccessful in the first scenarios as all his attempts to get the information about the thief failed. Luckily, he met Isaac Wetungu one of his great friend who had known a native doctor from Kitengela who has the experience of tracking the thieves, and asked him to contact DrKazimoto for further help.

Upon contacting DrKazimoto, he informed the native doctor about his lost items and requested him to make the thief bark a dog. DrKazimoto was able to locate him using his powerful spells and made Alberto bark like a dog that worked instantly as Alberto immediate started barking like a real dog.

A crowd of people came out to witness this rare condition and were shocked about it. Alberto’s brother was come in to salvage his brother and spoke to the shop owner who then was to contact DrKazimoto to reverse the magic upon payment of hefty fine to enable him get back to normal. After getting back to normal Alberto returned all the stolen items to the shop owner pleading to be forgiven and confessed to have learnt a lifetime lesson.

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