Should One Marry Triplets-Benjamin Zulu

I’ve seen a news item where yet another guy is planning to marry triplets and it just tells you how delusional and dreamy people can get. Triplets may share a lot in common but they’re not an extension of each other. They’re different human beings with different needs and each needs full attention during their emotional journeys of life.

Their seasons in life don’t always overlap and who will the man support if they all happen to be sad r stressed or excited at the same time but over different reasons?

They may have grown together but they’re not always thinking or feeling the same. They all need time and listening and bonding with their partners, and as life gets busier they will not always be together physically. Not unless they have enough inheritance to just sit around and not work. But if they start working they will be forced to be on different desks or shops and to perform different tasks because there are no triple job positions for HR or CEO or even a driver.

They may want to preserve their unity and that’s what makes them agree to marrying the same man but it’s a childish fantasy. They have just failed at individuation and they think they can compensate by sharing a husband.

Most men who marry such sisters are usually just preoccupied with the taboo of sleeping with sisters or twins.

The sex side of the relationship is only a tiny fraction of the reality. Also, little do they know that if the women have normal sex drive satisfying just one of them will leave him already done. In the old days polygamy worked because women were not expected to have any sexual needs to be satisfied by the husband and at times they were actually circumcised to totally numb them. But today’s women have their needs and, leave alone three, satisfying two of them is nearly impossible except the man makes having sex his occupation. A sex animal of sorts.

So while marrying two sisters or three may intrigue the media and the public, it’s an impossibility and a daydream. Not unless the sisters are sub normal without human needs for attention and emotional support. One man with a life and a career cannot spread himself across three people. Not unless his day has 72 hours and his energy levels are on steroid. Even normal phone calls or texting and planning for shopping or a trip to upcountry is hectic when the coordination is among four people.

Again, there’s a presumption that sibling rivalry is absent among twins and triplets and again this is a huge blunder because when romance and love is involved jealousy is inevitable. Love is territorial and possessive and it only works between two, a king and his queen. True love is only possible between two people. These other drams are childish shenanigans that cannot stand the test of time

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