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Signs She’s Only Using You-Benjamin Zulu

As a man if you try too hard you’ll win the wrong woman. You must know when to stop.
We’ve been told to be persistent and never to give up but when it comes to relationships you must understand that women are not projects. You cannot come at a lady the same way you approach acquiring an asset or completing a degree, for example. People have their own choices and motives.

If you see any of the signs below you must back off and save yourself the pain of being mismatched.

1. The Dodgy One.
She welcomes your advances and plays along very well when you’re talking on phone but she avoids physical meetings. Something always comes up when the time to meet up arrives. This kind is either just enjoying your attention when she’s unavailable or she has misrepresented herself such that when you see her you will leave. In this regard you should never enter an exclusive relationship before you meet a person physically. Electronic communication can be manipulated.

2. If she brings a feeding gang to your dates.
If she brings a group of her friends and you’re the one paying, she’s not serious. A lady can tag along a friend for purposes of caution especially when you’re meeting for the first time, but the friend won’t usually sit at your table and you won’t have to pay for them.

3. She Never Initiates Contact.
If you’ve been talking for a while and you’re the one always starting conversations, be afraid. Even if she picks it up very well when you start it, be careful. Such ladies are usually not into you but they enjoy your attention either to kill boredom or to ‘supplement’ her relationship.

4. She Wants Relationship But Not Marriage.
This is an obvious waster of your time and consumer of your resources. She will use terms like ‘Let’s go with the flow, we will decide when the time comes, let’s not rush things.’ Your solution is to always date people who are looking for the same things as you. If someone just wants to hang out, watch out.

5. She Changes Her Attitude After Learning of Your Status.
You don’t expect a lady to accept you instantly of course. Any reasonable person would take a while talking as friends to get to know you more especially if you had already researched about them yourself. But if she had turned you down after enough interactions to know your personality and then suddenly she turns around after learning about your job or seeing your assets, that’s a very dangerous character. Her mind is only on what you can give her, not you. This doesn’t mean you should act broke when dating, but that you should be authentic and observant. A materialistic person will betray themselves because their attitudes shift suddenly from zero interest to a hundred percent at the sight of money.

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