Simba Hills Farm,in Uasin Gishu Dispute Solved

A section of members of Simba Hills farm has applauded the Uasin Gishu County Commissioner Dr. Eddyson Nyale for solving their land issue with the rival group.

According to their chairman Daniel K Kuto despite the Court ruling in their favor the rival group was frustrating them and claiming they said land belongs to them.

“From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank our commissioner for solving this issue once and for all, the land is now ours and no one whatsoever will disturb us again,” said the Simba Hills farm Chairman.
Paul Lagat village elder at the Simba Hills Farm we have come meeting today as County commissioner, and we thank you for deciding to go with them.

“The County Commissioner followed the court ruling that the status quo for over 187 people to stay in their farms and no one should disturb us as we continue with our farming. We are happy with his ruling and we hope the rival side will follow the law,” Paul Lagat, a village elder said.

Samson Rotich former councilor of Moiben Ward said the land issue started in 1969 with the Asians but they took the matter to court and ruled in favor.

“Those disturbing are just brokers who have collected money from innocent Kenyans promising to sell them land that is not available. We urge the government, CID, and police to arrest such people who want to harvest where they haven’t planted,” Rotich said.

He said the rival group doesn’t have the CR 12 yet they are claiming to own the piece of land.

“What we want is the Court’s ruling to the latter, we are all Kenyans and we want justice. The government should also offer refresher courses to chiefs and their Assistants for them to follow the law and not be swayed by some self-centered individual,” he added.

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