Solasa Starlets and Espodec Ladies Qualify CDF Cup Final

Solasa Starlets and Atalanta FC for men won the final game and lifted the trophy at Mwiruti Secondary,CDF Kapseret Constituency Tournament on Sunday.

Solasa Starlets defeated Espodec Ladies 2-1.Ynah Cheptoo scored the only goal for the Espodec Ladies.Jane Ngala kicked the net with one goal for the Solasa Starlets and finally Nancy Cherono scored the second goal.

“The game was a bit hard but we had won.We had struggled together because we wanted this win,”said Elizabeth Nduta,defender of Solasa Starlets.

“Game was good first half we played well,this second half our defence was not strong there is always defeat in football,”said Emmaculate Auma,Espodec Ladies captain.

Atalanta FC went draw 1-1 with Mumoniat FC.They end up in the penalty kicks whereby Atalanta scored 5-3 Mumoniat.

The game was hard to predict both for ladies and men.

“Today’s game was somehow hard but for the glory of God,we had fought and we had won,even if it is the game sponsored by politician,these youths have talents,if anyone comes out and support financially these clubs these youths can go far,”said Dennis Ngeri,Atalanta Coach.

Mumoniat coach Robert Omuhambe urged the incoming leaders to look upon issues of sports in terms of fields and finance.

“The game was nice,we had drawn,penalty is unpredictable,the field was a challenge,very poor,dust everywhere.We urge politicians when they return to their offices to look into these issues,”said Omuhambe.

The Kapseret CDF Tournament was sponsored by Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi.

By Robert Mutasi

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