Solasa Starlets To Face Espodec Fc

Solasa Starlets emerged victorious in quarter and semi-final matches this is after they beat Samoaus 4-0 during CDF Tournament Cup in Kapseret Constituency at Golden field.

Libese Chelsea opened the chapter of goals by scoring a brace in two minutes and nine consecutively.Nancy Cherono scored the third goal as Dorine Muyama released the hard shoot where it caused the own goal on the side of Samoaus.

Espodec Starlets dominated over Pioneer Ladies with 4-0.Whereby Ynah Cheptoo scored a brace in two minutes and twelve consecutively.Philis Wabwile added the third goal in 39 minutes.Vinnah Mayende closes the Chapter of four goals during 48 minutes.

“I can say in our team touches was good even our opponents had played well,”said Mogore.

Kapseret Queens pinned down Kingwal Ladies 2-0.Game that was faced with strong wind.Shiphra Chebyot scored the debut goal followed by Sharon Achieng who scored the second goal.

“The game had affected by wind but our opponents had rivalry so we had not played well,”said
Sharon Achieng,Kapseret Queens.

“We are happy for today’s game,we had brought Ladies here to participate also instead of being idle at home,”said Kapseret Chairman Daniel Ng’etich.

Espodec silenced Kapseret Queens with 2-0.Philis Wabwile and Vyana Mayende scored both one goal.

Solasa Starlets Won 2-0 against Kingwal,Nancy Cherono was the first one to see the opponent’s net with one goal.Libese Chelsea topped the second goal which made Solasa Starlets victorious.

By Robert Mutasi

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