Song and Dance as Kosachei Day and Boarding Primary School Produces Best Results

It was Song and dance at Kosachei Day and Boarding Primary school after they produced the best results ever since the school was started

Speaking to the press the school headteacher Michael Boino it’s the fits time for the school to get a mean score of 311.

“Today we are very happy since we have recorded the best results since the school was started, our top student got 402 marks . We managed to get a mean score of 311 which is an improvement from 296 which we got last year,” said Boino while speaking to the press.

He reiterated that no pupil got below 200 marks in the just-released KCSE examination.

“We got good results because of our committed staff, pupils, and parents. Our students were also very disciplined making it easy for us to perform well, we are targeting to get more results,” he added.

Collins Kipchumba the top student who got 402 marks said it was hard work and determination that made him perform well.

“I want to thank our teachers who were committed and always pushed us to work hard, the almighty God, and our parents for paying our fees. My dream school is Mangu or Kapsabet boys and when I grow up I want to be a surgeon,” he said.

Vivian Chepchumba who scored 389 marks says “ I thank my parents and teachers for their support, may God bless them abundantly, my dream school is Moi Girls High School Eldoret and I want to be an engineer when I grow up,”

“I want to thank God and parents for giving us fees and teachers for their support. I would like to join Lenana High school and I will like to be a robotic engineer,” said Martin Kirwa who scored 387 marks.

Rogers Tum representative of the parents thanked the school administration for their good performance.

“I want to thank God, parents for their hard work that made the school get good results, we are very grateful to teachers for their good work,” he said.

“This is amazing as the chairman of the school Board, I am short of words, may God bless all those who were involved to make the school proud, we have never gotten such a mean score,” he added.

“We thank God for the good work our pupils have done, they have made us proud, May God Bless them, and we expect the current class to do even better,” said Rev. Tenai.

Singoi African Inland church school sponsor said the scholl has made the church proud by producing good results since he school was started.
“All I can say is to thank the teachers,BOM, parents and all those that were involved to make our students perfrm well to be on the limelight,” he said.

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