St Francis Hospital Extends an Early Christmas For Thousands of Kenyans


St Francis Mission Hospital, the leading faith-based health institution in Nairobi and by far Countywide, has extended a generous hand for thousands of Kenyans.

The health institution is strategically nestled in the suburb of Kasarani.

To help us delve into this subject is none other than Dr. Esther Opuba.

“As St. Francis we have been keen to ensure a holistic approach to healthcare delivery. On Saturday it was a culmination of the Mother Baby Fair, an initiative that focused on delving deep into the pre and post natal health of mothers. November was a month to mark the pre term babies and so at our institution we thought it wise to empower the mother’s with the much needed info on their general well being and those of their children.

We also had an exercise physiologist who emphasized the importance of post natal exercises for the mother.

We need to see to it that a mother gets the requisite support in her pregnancy journey, access to the info they need but most importantly assessing the best facility in which to deliver.

At St Francis we have the most pocket friendly offer at just Ksh 30,000 For a normal delivery and Ksh 100,000 for the Caesarian Section, abbreviated as CS.

Mode of payment is either cash or the National Health Insurance Fund. We also had on board professional Obstetricians and gynaecologists. They brought to the fore the import of the fathers incorporation in the pregnancy and indeed post natal journey.

We also had nutritionist who advised the mothers more about their general well being dietary wise but most importantly how to feed the neonate during the crucial five years of their life.

Mothers benefited from services such as screening for High Blood pressure diabetes, breast and cervical cancer all these offered free of charge. On top of that our Mums also got free pedicure and manicure.”
St Francis Hospital is indeed a premier institution. Equipped with the latest state of the art health equipment, the institution has on board the most qualified doctors including oncologists.

The institution started in the year 2007 as a humble dispensary. Today it has grown exponentially to be a level five hospital.

Future outlook is to open branches Countrywide

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