Star Witness Turns Into a Goat in Bunyala, Uganda, Case is Adjourned As More Details Emerge

A rare incident in Bunyala has been reported, where a witness testifying in a land dispute turned into a goat and started bleating. Both the judge and the prosecutor fainted, and a stampede for the door ensued. A few weak souls, who couldn’t decide whether to run, froze within court, screaming in terror. Nothing like it had ever happened before, as a witness within the court proceedings laid bare what transpired behind the scenes.

“I swear this has to go into the Guinness World Book of records. A man turning into a goat is unheard of. As the court clerk, it is my job to provide the judge with pending cases for trial and this one was supposed to be decided today. A man named Amos Musianda, a wealthy man, was on the verge of winning a case lodged by a woman, who claimed that Mr. Amos had evicted them illegally from a piece of land owned by their family for decades. We all expected Lydia to lose the case, as a witness had come up, to support Mr. Amos’ claim on the land. The witness had only begun introducing himself when out of the blue, he turned into a goat, sending the courtroom in a frenzy” he recounted the incident in great detail.

Fresh details have emerged, indicating that Lydia, who knew that the land was the last piece of property she had, had sought the services of a native doctor, to help her win the case and avoid becoming poor for the rest of her life. She says ” this land is the last remaining thing I and my young sister have. It is the only source of income as well as food, as we grow and sell matoke here. Amos thinks am weak, unable to defend myself or hire expensive lawyers, but Dr. Kazimoto is there for people like us”. With the inclusion of help from KAZIMOTO DOCTORS, Lydia easily won the case and Amos had to contact KAZIMOTO DOCTORS to seek their help to turn the goat in custody back into a human.

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