Starting the Year With a Plan is Important:CEO German Institute of Professional Studies


The Chief executive officer German Institute of Professional Studies says that starting the year with a plan is very important.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. She was speaking during the opening of their year on 8th January where she made diaries for all staff and students so that everyone can plan ahead. German Institute of Professional Studies branding partner BUNIFU branding had a hectic job to deliver the huge chunks of diaries.

Dr Ekrah Ndungu is a believer of excellence and staying time bound. Dr Ekrah says she was happy with the efficiency and the excellence in which BUNIFU branding did their job. In 2024 start every day with a plan,stick to it and be consistent..when you do this you can multiply your year to 3years in one.

It was all Joy as everyone received their tool to plan. Our media team asked Dr Ekrah, why still make diaries when people can easily use apps…. Dr Ekrah Ndungu had this to say….when you use an app that means you’ll be on gadget,you’ll be tempted to read other things..again when you write down your goals you can remember them and you will keep on reviewing them.

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