State of education. Government to provide 100% transition and add capitation for quality education


Elimu Bora in association with Kenya Human Right Commission urged government to increse fund on education sector to allow vulnerable pupils access basic quality education.

Speaking at Kenya Human Right Commission center in Loving Nairobi, Boaz Waruku the Strategy Advisor at Elimu Bora said Kenyan government was to provide 100% transition but failed to implement.

Since the 2022 general elections, there has been no well-thought-out remedy to help fix many challenges affecting educatin sector, which is failing. Examples abound, and it appears no one in this regime cares to sort this mess.

2023 KCPE results for 1.4 million students were hastily released, containing numerous errors and omission. This compromised the integrity of Kenya National Examination Council including 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education also suffered from inaccurancies in it’s results.

The government had done little to achieve quality education 899,453 students who took their KCSE in 2023 48,174 achieved a mean grade of E. Only 22.3% secured a minimum grade to join university while 77.7% fail to make the cuy.

Elimu Bora is demanding for accountability and intensify the call for public education fund to be fully implemented.

Cornelius Oduor Deputy Commissioner Kenya Human Right Commission calls on the government to increase support to tertiary education saying many students didn’t sit for their end term exams due to financial constraints. He critisized on the allocation of bursary fund saying that some political leaders are biased

David Karani a member of Elimu Bora group urged political leaders to utilise well bursary fund, saying that every leader secure bursary fund which is set to benefit the vulnerable children. Karani said that 100, 000 chilren didn’t join junior secondary school due to financial constraint.

They are now calling on the government to provide quality education to all vulnerable children with disability, urban slum residents, rural poor, hard-to- reach and insecure communities.

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