Stop dating crazy people even if you find it intriguing and challenging- Benjamin Zulu

The moment you get stuck with an unhinged and unstable person, you’ll face the full consequences when you attempt to do something big with your life. Suddenly, they’ll become a tornado of problems and drown you in unforeseen issues until you can not go after your dreams anymore. You postpone launching that company, you lose touch with your business partners, you forfeit serving your generation, and you miss out on changing your world.

This is the true cost of dating crazy people that nobody warns you about. Your children will grow in an environment akin to a war zone, and you’ll agonise as you watch them suffer and become broken by a problem you could have solved before it even occurred. By just dating consciously and not just emotionally.

And what is crazy? Unstable and inconsistent. Someone who disappears, and they reappear as if it means nothing. Someone whose life is a series of one dramatic event after another. Someone who always needs help and rescue, and your relationship is largely based on you helping them.

Someone who only got into your life because of your boredom and social isolation. Someone who was assisted by your sick logic that ‘a bad relationship is better than no relationship’ when actually the truth is the opposite. It is better to be alone and at peace than to surrender your peace to be in a chaotic relationship.

Once more, even if you’re a snake charmer, stop dating crazy people. Crazy is not always exciting. At some point, you want peace and progress.

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