Stop falling in love and planning futures with people you’ve only been talking on phone- Benjamin Zulu

There are conversations that need to be held in person. There are tones that need to be heard, you need to see their facial expressions as they say some things and body language as they express themselves. You need to sense their personality and see how you like it.

Even if a person says they don’t want ‘to waste time’ or that they’re seeking ‘marriage and not a relationship,’ still that’s not an excuse to skip process. Due diligence must be given its place. Rushed decisions are a disaster.

Some people try to fix you in their weird schedule. They’re abroad say, and they’re coming home for only a month and they wanted to marry and return with the partner within that month.

That’s why they started their search online. Or they’re deployed for job far from home, in a country like Lebanon say, and they only have one leave per year. And they want to marry within that leave.

All these are careful excuses to rush things. If they cannot make the time to do things right do not get involved with them. Most of these people are not stupid. They know if they date you right by letting you know each other you won’t accept them. You’ll see their true colors and check out.

So how should an honest person date when they only have a short time to come home? They can let this year be for searching and meeting and the next year be the one for getting married.

There’s no deadline for getting married and if one’s job denies them the chance to marry right they can save up and change jobs. The person living abroad can use a similar strategy to give the search its due time and prudence.

No sober person would rush what they want to last.

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