It was a typical Mt Elgon afternoon. Somewhat lazy. Gloomy skies from behind the mountain threatened to come down. Misty air masked the slopes down into the valley, giving off a deceptive royal blue feel.

But there was something more. Governor Wangamati had strolled into Cheptais VTC in Mt Elgon to preside over the launch of scholarships in Cheptais and Chesikaki wards.

At the new-look Centre of Excellence, parents waited with pregnant expectation, hoping against hope that their kith and kin make it to the coveted Wangamati Scholarship list.
And when it was time to speak, beneficiaries cried out their hearts. They spoke about their fears but they also spoke about their hopes and dreams.

Some hoped to be doctors, others wanted to be engineers, even more wanted to be diverse persons of note in society – thanks to Wangamati Scholarship.

Their mothers cried out their souls and shared their daily struggles. Some, sick and sickly, it was beyond believe that their children – their best and last hope on earth – had a chance at life again.

Some cried wildly. Others strained their muscles trying to contain the free-flowing tears. Some stared blankly into space unsure of whether this was real or only a dream.

Most said a silent prayer in gratitude. Tears flowed freely. Tears of pain and of joy. Emotions that speak of complete hopelessness and a sense of optimism.

At the end of the day, some 300 students were picked for Wangamati Scholarships in the wards.

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