Students Should Appreciate Education-Kiplimo Ruto

Motivational, speaker and administrator in the County government of Elgeyo Marakwet Kilimo Ruto has urged students to appreciate education because it is transforming their lives and changing their mindsets.
“If you want to transform the agenda of gender-based violence we have to educate our children not just to become engineers, and doctors but become people who can make this world a better place for everybody, women will be safe if our boys will be professionals,” said Kilimo.

Ruto spoke during the AIC Moi Boys High School Kaplamai Thanksgiving and prayer day.

He encouraged parents that they have a central role in making students perform well in their academics and they should not leave it to teachers.

“We encourage parents to create a conducive environment in their homes for these students to thrive well in their academics, the way these men treat their wives it’s the same way the boys will later treat their wives so please be very careful how you behave,” he noted.

He said parents should not sit back and wait for the government to educate their children but instead should pay fees on time so that the school can use the fees to help their children perform well.

“Parents should also develop a good attitude towards the school and should be partners and stakeholders instead of activists develop a positive attitude towards the school, support the management that’s the recipe of good results,” he said.

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