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Take Prayers to Volatile Kerio Valley- Northrift CIPK Boss

North Rift Council of Imams and Muslim Preachers of Kenya chairman Sheikh Abubakar Bini now wants politicians to take prayers to places affected by violence.

Speaking to the press in Eldoret town Bini said the prayers should be taken to volatile Kerio Valley where many lives have been lost due to banditry attacks.

“As religious leaders from the North Rift we urge politicians to unite and take prayers which have been the order of the day to places such as Barringo West Pokot, Turkana where violence has been the order of the day,” said the CIPK North Rift chairman.

President William Ruto, his deputy Rigathi Gachagua, Politicians, and religious leaders have been holding thanksgiving prayer meetings across the Country.

“Churches and Mosques should be built where the Bible and Quran should be used to sensitize people on the importance of peace and living as brothers and sisters since everyone is the same in the eyes of the Lord,” said Bini while speaking to the press.

He said this will ensure that peace prevails in the region because there will reach a time when the army will leave the word of God will remain in their hearts.

Bini further warned politicians against using prayers to attack others.

“I want to call upon politicians not to use prayer platforms to attack the opposition leaders but instead pray and leave, what they are currently doing is wrong since they are just playing politics. Church leaders should also not allow them to politic during prayers,” the North Rift Council of Imams and Muslim Preachers of Kenya chairman said.

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