In many societies teachers are looked upon as the individuals who can help to bring about positive changes in the lives of people. They are seen as natural leaders who can give advice on various affairs of the communities. Within the context of their direct interaction with churches, parents and communities, teachers play several major roles in decision-making.

A section of interfaith KNUT member teachers have set up a network among themselves and identify other forums, networks and church associations which support them to influencing positive changes within the communities they come from.

Earlier today, the CECM member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech joined the KNUT members at AIC Kapchemuryet for a church service. The teachers acknowledged that the knowledge-based economy that Kenya wishes to build requires a highly knowledgeable and skilled workforce and for teachers to become agents of transformational change, they need to become active citizens in the new democracy that seeks to address the injustices of the past. Teacher participation in decision making and preparation to reach these transformative goals is therefore crucial.

The teacher is seen as the main instrument for bringing about the desired improvement in learning both in school and in the wider society. The teachers are committed to support the church as they transform communities focusing on stable families, the role of family practices in their general health.

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