The Avenging Spirit of A Deceased Woman Sent Back To The Dead After Tormenting A Family In Kisumu For Ten Years

The avenging spirit of a woman who hanged herself ten years ago has been tormenting the Otienos, a family from Kisumu. It is said the people who caused the young woman her life used a back to back sender charm to direct the torment to Otieno’s family since at the time, they were doing well and were living a luxurious life compared to the jealous neighbours.

“The spirit of the young woman wreaked havoc in my family, she ensured that she caused unnecessary quarrels between the family members and also made us loose huge investments deals with companies that entrusted us before”, said the head of Otieno’s family.

For twenty years, the family of Otieno had not known peace. In 2014 the spirit killed two of Otieno’s grandchildren in an accident. Two other members of Otieno’s family suffered from mental health challenges.

“After these two deaths, we were advised by friends to seek help from a herbalist to help contain the spirits. Most of our friends recommended one KAZIMOTO DOCTORS stating that he is the most powerful traditional doctors in Kenya,” explained Otieno.

Popular herbalists known as KAZIMOTO DOCTORS went to see the family and performed an appeasement spell for them. The spell only took five minutes where a black goat was slaughtered at the area the young woman hanged herself.

The powerful appeasement spell marked the end of the torment for Otieno’s family.
“Whatever magic this great herbalist performed for us work, he is so great and I can’t stop thanking him for helping us out,” said Otieno.

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