The Bringer of Joy: How I Rescued My Business Using Spells From This Man

The aim of every businessman is to make profit, by all means necessary. Making losses is unwanted and means you will sleep hungry often. Everyone keeps talking about how finding creative solutions to our business problems is crucial to making it successful. Marketing firms emphasize the need for customer retention and loyalty. They remind us, rather annoyingly that the customer is always right, not left.

Feedback from any customer should be taken with the same seriousness as that of a judicial recommendation by the chief justice. That the quickest way to kill a business is to invite relatives to run it. For those in business, you understand that all that is theory, the real work is indeed on the ground. I tried everything in my Clothes business, from enticing discounts to begging for mercy. Nothing seemed to work.

“I told you to pull your socks but instead you are pulling in favors from credit businesses. Loans will eventually liquefy your business; all you will be left with is a liquid version of it. Will you drink that?? ” my friend Oscar advised. He was right but if clothes aren’t selling I can’t boil them into supper. Fact is, my goods were not moving, even when I push them hard. You can’t ignore hunger or thirst. Man’s got to eat.

It was on a Saturday evening when Mike, whom I owed money showed up unannounced at my premises. I owed him Kshs 39,780, but the last two installments were defaulted. He came armed with insults, threats and claimed I should let him spend four nights with my wife if I dont pay. By the time he left, I was certain my days on earth were numbered. Either I actually pull something else other than my socks or I get pulled in the mud.

Sometimes our worst moments bring out the best in us. In the course of pulling yet another favor from a friend, he instead insisted I contact KAZIMOTO DOCTORS. He had a clothing business of his own which was doing surprisingly well despite my location being better than his. I did. Dr. Kazimoto cast spells to rejuvenate my business and transform my fortunes. It worked!! I couldn’t be happier. Finally, sells are high. Profits kept accumulating. My business on the verge of liquidation was now a solid foundation for my success.

Thanks to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS, sales are high, my competitors are shitting their pants as my account gets fatter and fatter.

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