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The Family of Jacklin Mukee Peter Want the Government to Help them Bring Their Daughter Back From Saudi Arabia

The family of Jacklin Mukee Peter now wants the government through the Ministry of immigration to bring back their daughter who is working in Saudi Arabia.

According to her mother Christine Tivangu Ndululu her child is being mistreated by her employer and she is passing through a hard time working as a house help.

“It’s sad that my daughter’s employer is mistreating my daughter locking and living here without food for the whole day. We are calling upon the government to bring back our child who is suffering,” she said.

“Her passport and Identity Card has been confiscated making it hard for her to travel back home,” Her father Peter Musyoki Maundu

Their daughter is currently a house help in Saudi Arabia in a town called Sakaka and her employee Mr. and Mrs. Aiman Mohamed Haji Alserhani.

They say their daughter was taken to Saudi Arabia through the agent Hassan the office Philipho office in Mombasa contact 0788942893.

“Any help to us will be appreciated as long as our daughter is brought back home,” they said.

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