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The family of twins in Tebeson Village uasin gishu county Calls for Justice After their daughters were defiled

The family of twins in Tebeson Village, Ngenyilel Ward, and Turbo Constituency in Uasin Gishu is looking for justice after their children were defiled by known people while going to school.

Sarah Bor the mother of the twins says despite reporting to the police station nothing has been done one year later.

“Last year My twins were defiled by known people while on their way to school, I reported the matter to the police station where I wrote a statement and thereafter i was sent to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret where tests were conducted and its established indeed that my children had been defiled ,” said the mother of the twins while speaking to the press at her home.

The twins are now fourteen years old and in class seven struggling with their studies and motherly roles.

Bor said those who impregnated her daughters are well known to them since they are their close door neighbors.

Bor says she sought assistance from the Turbo Sub-county Education office but she received no assistance.

“I went to the Turbo Sub-county Education office where they promised to look into the matter but up to now nothing has been done, and the suspects are walking freely within the village while I struggle to take care of my grandchildren, I have no food and no clothing for them,” she added.

Bor now has been forced to stay at home in order to take care of the two children and she can no longer go about searching for employment.

“I have tried my best and my children have gone back to school and I am now at home taking care of my grandchildren, I am suffering since I cannot go to work and nobody has helped me, it’s now a challenge affording food for the young ones and myself,” she said.

The twins are now in class seven after they were forced to stay at home for one year.

She now says she wants justice for her children.

“I want justice for my children; I am calling upon the Ministry of Education under the leadership of Prof. George Magoha and the Inspector general of police to come to our rescue and ensure we get justice, the suspect should be behind bars. We are appealing to well-wishers to come to our aid as we have no food,” she said.

For the twins the challenges at home are not enough, they have been abandoned by their friends at school, every time they have to leave classes and walk back home to breastfeed the toddlers.

“I was defiles by known people and I gave birth to a child this situation forced drop out of school for one year and I am suffering a lot since I am supposed to go home and breastfeed my child, I cannot concentrate in school my performance has deteriorated, at times I have to leave school early and search for some manual jobs in order to get some money to supplement for the family needs.

We are calling for justice and we want those who impregnated me and my sister to be arrested,” one of the twins said.

“Last year I got a child who is now ten months old and since I was raped I am going through a lot where I am supposed to work after school so that I may help my jobless mother. In school we face challenges where students discriminate against us and call us parents and we would like well-wishers to help us pay fees we hope to become doctors in future,” another twin added.

Dorcas Singoei the neighbor says the family has been traumatized and they are going through a hard time and the young children are malnourished.

“This lady is suffering, she has no means of taking care of her children and grandchildren, and the government has not accorded us any support. We plead with the well-wishers to come to our aid. Our lives have not been the same again ,” the neighbor said.

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