The Government Should Prioritize on Reduction of Tax on Essential Goods-Reuben Kigame

Jenga Mkenya Movement Party leader Reuben Kigame now wants three Government to prioritize the reduction of taxes on essential goods and services.

He says the government should start with Value Added Tax (VAT) and take the necessary measures to curb inflation.

“It is unacceptable that many Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet while our Members of Parliament fail to take action on a matter that is both in Economic and National interest. As bonafide citizens of this country, we demand that our leaders prioritize this issue and come up with real solutions that will ease the burden on our people,” sais Kigame.

He called on Kenyans to approach their respective members of Parliament and ask them,as a matter of urgency, to immediately prioritize how the cost of basic commodities such as milk,
maize, sugar, cooking oil, and electricity can be brought down.

“We urge the Government to support small and mediumsized enterprises by providing incentives such as tax breaks and access to financing. This will create employment opportunities and boost our economic growth,” he added.

Following the passing on of students at Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls’ High School because of the unfortunate diarrhea outbreak, he urged the Government to work together with all stakeholders to ensure that our schools are safe and that our children are protected from preventable diseases.

“The Government must take immediate measures to improve the quality of water and sanitation in schools and provide training to teachers and students on hygiene and sanitation practices. We also urge the Government to work with parents, community leaders, and health officials to create awareness about the importance of preventing diseases not only in our schools
but also in our communities,” he said.

He further called on the Government and the opposition to give emergency support to the families of those who lost their loved ones and to businesses that were torched and emptied as a result of the demonstrations and mass action.

He fuether condemned on recent insecurity caused by rampant land invasions and trespasses on private properties and homes is also a growing concern.

“We urge the Government through the National Police Service to act with haste to protect the people-both rich and poor, without seeming to be prejudiced or politically
influenced. As Jenga Mkenya, we believe in upholding human dignity. We must respect people and treat them with kindness, no matter who they are or where they
come from. We should all enshrine this in our communities,” he said.

He called on the Government to address the current miscalculations by the Ministry of Agriculture.

“The attempt to solve the farmers’ plight by planting maize in forests and public land without duediligence is a recipe for disaster in ouragricultural sector and is demotivating to our local farmers,” he said.

He noted that the notion of importation and planting maize in other countries is a potential pitfall.

“As a nation, we must prioritize the sovereignty, safety and security of our food basket, market and supply by ensuring that proper protocols are followed.We urge that the planned growing of maize in Zambia be stopped immediately and instead,the Government invest in the production of diverse food crops in Kulalu-Galana. We also urge Kenyans to consider other available food crops like cassava,sorghum,millet,sweet
potatoes and legumes that are readily available and are drought resistant,” Kigame said.

“As the Jenga Mkenya Movement, we pledge to work tirelessly to promote the interests of our people and to build a stronger, more prosperous Kenya. Let us come together and work towards a brighter future for us and for our children,” he added.

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