The one thing most women NEVER get- Benjamin Zulu

‘I’m 27 met this guy who is 31. He was a nice guy but went silent. It reached a point that I felt I was always the one texting him. We’re both busy during the day but for him he didn’t look bothered with our communication. He texted this year happy new year despite being silent for like 5 months. Am asking is it advisable to look for him and sit and talk about his poor communication or this is the red flags we ignore.’

The problem is not poor communication but low interest. Communication is NEVER the reason for a man to go silent on a woman. It’s the connection. At first he might have been excited about you but his interest has since waned.

Perhaps after getting to learn you better he discovered you’re not what he wanted. And he cannot face you to tell you that.

Or they were looking for a fling and they discovered that you’re not that kind of person to entertain casual things.

Or they were not quite ready for a relationship really. They just got excited on meeting you.

Or they have since met someone they like better.

Of course they’re too cowardly to communicate their change of heart because they cannot tell the truth and embarrass themselves. So they choose the easy way out.

But most women are hopeful people. They don’t want to accept that he’s just rejecting her so she ascribes the problem to communication or stress or anything else.

Do yourself a favor and stop chasing when someone stops talking to you. If you check on them once or twice and they persist in their ambivalent behaviour, seize the initiative and shut the doors yourself. Your life is not a public toilet where someone can just pop in and out as they wish. Either they be consistently in or consistently out.

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