There Are Many Opportunities in Finland- DG Barorot

With Finland having been on the headlines for the wrong reasons especially to the youths hailing from the North Rift region, Uasin Gishu County deputy Governor Eng. John Barorot has assured residents of Uasin Gishu County and the north rift region at large on the opportunities available in Finland.

This comes after the threat to deport Kenyan students studying in the various institutions in Finland.

“Finland has been looking for middle class working personnel around the world. They started with Philippines, Vietnam and China. When they go to these countries, they look for programs. They go through their education programs so that they can understand their culture and their way of living. If they started elsewhere to look at ways of addressing their shortage in workforce. When we came into the picture it started in Elgeyo Marakwet and now largely promise are in Uasin Gishu.” SaidJohn Barorot, deputy governor of Uasin Gishu.

Stating how far Finland are as a result of the competency-based curriculum (CBC), the deputy governor highlighted plans for Kenya to follow suit and make the most out of the curriculum like other placeslike the western nations that are ahead already.

“This program is tailor made for the economy of Finland. Their education program is so advanced, it is based on competency they started CBC many years that is why if you check the way they are recruiting these students is based on competence not academic papers. I spent part of my day in Samoei model school with the PS of Education and I understood more about CBC. CBC the allover the world especially developed economies works very well so we pray as we introduce CBC in our Kenyan education system our economy will grow.” Added the deputy governor.
202 youths from Uasin Gishu County are already in Finland while 104 more are set to join them anytime from now with the delays being as a result of challenges on immigration issues in Finland caused by global policies and human resource.

“We have 202 youths from Uasin Gishu County in Finland and this is not a small number for one county. So we hope the number increases because initially when it started we were looking at fewer number. In the last three weeks we have had 104 youths who received visas and I want to address that the delay of visas has nothing to do with our issues in Uasin Gishu. It was driven by migration department in Finland because of challenges faced globally in terms of human resource and their policies.” he noted.

With the approval from the Uasin Gishu County assembly, students who had already started with the application process have a reason to smile as they can continue with their applications, while those who want to do so will have to wait till the county assembly gives the green light.

“We agreed with most recommendations from the county assembly that we continue with ongoing students. Any students who had paid fees and enrolled already will continue to apply for visas and will continue with the program. At the moment we are not enrolling any new students,but those who are different stages in applying for their visas will continue including 102 going to Canada.” Remarked Barorot.

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