This Is How A Man Who Sold Sweets For A Living Managed To Take Over The East African Market By Selling Avocado

Robert Asambi started hawking sweets in the streets of Nairobi after he finished his secondary school education to be able to earn a living to sustain him in his independence. The young hustler earned at least 500 shillings a day from selling the sweets.

“Towards the end of February 2016, business became slow for me, I stopped making money as I used to before. With no income coming in for me, I had to think of a way to survive through the harsh dwindling economy,” said Robert.

Life in Nairobi became unbearable for the young man, he decided to move back to his village and started selling avocado around Kisii. The avocado business did not pick up when he first started selling it.

“I struggled just to sell one avocado at 10 shillings, on most occasions, I ended up going back home without selling a single avocado”, said Robert. In 2019, Robert consulted a herbalist known as Kazimoto Doctors to help him out with his business that was collapsing at the time.

“The great herbalist issued me with four herbs to boost my business, each herb had one purpose, if mixed together they delivered great results”, said Robert.

The four herbs served Robert greatly. His business took a turn for the better. In just three months, his avocado business was well received by consumers countrywide. With this he was able to establish a new east African market.

“I have currently taken over the East African market as most people believe in the sweetness of my avocado”, said Robert.

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