This Is How a Retired 52 Year Old Man from Homabay Found Eccentric Wealth from Selling Sweet Potatoes

Mark Otieno was born and raised in Elgeyo Marakwet by a single mother after his father died and left them with no means to survive. He worked his way through the tough economy and got a well-paying job at the county government of Machakos. After working for fifty-two years, Mark retired from his job and moved back with his family to Homabay, his home town.

“My retirement did not mark the end of my hustle to fend for my family. I ventured into farming to sustain my family’s moderate lifestyle. That year, I started planting sweet potatoes and sold it to consumers around Sondu”, explained Mark.

Sondu’s market was not favorable for Mark as a first time trader in the area. He for a long time struggled to sell one bag of sweet potatoes to people in Sondu. In 2016, an Indian trader who was making huge loads of money from his ware house business encouraged Mark to seek the services of a witch doctor known as Kazimoto Doctors to boost his business.

“Once this information about the great herbalist was given to me freely, I rushed to contact him through his number +254741930918,” explained Mark.

Daktari Kazimoto did his work diligently for Mark by performing a powerful spell to help boost both my farming activity and business. Fortunately, the spell worked within hours for the father of five.
“My farming went from small scale to large scale farming, I eventually stopped having trouble distributing my sweet potatoes to Sondu and the rest of Homabay County,” said Mark in disbelief.

The retired man’s success was a dream come true, he has ever since been able to acquire eccentric wealth from selling sweet potatoes across the country thanks to Kazimoto Doctors.

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