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This is How a Young Kenyan Who Was Forced Into Single Motherhood Navigated The Challenge and Achieved An Affluence Lifestyle

Elizabeth Awino Joined University in 2010 with the premonition that her destiny would involve attaining a well-paying job after she completed her studies.
Unfortunately during the second semester of her third year, she met a man who won her over and in just three months, she became pregnant with her first child.

When she informed her parents about the pregnancy, her father in particular got furious and disowned her. By this moment, her soul mate had already departed her, leaving Elizabeth with no choice but to try and figure things out on her own.

“I started working as a helper in one of the shops owned by an indian man in Westlands. With time, my condition did not allow to work any longer. So I resorted to hawking cold water on the streets of Nairobi, a job I could easily do without putting my unborn baby to risk”, explained Everlyn.

Overtime, luck finally decided to smile on Elizabeth’s destiny after she bumped into an old friend from high school while she was doing her normal rounds of selling water to people. Elizabeth’s friend looked healthy and wealthy in her Merceedez benz machine.

“My old friend was so kind to me, I filled her in on my current struggle and she informed me that she acquired her riches just by consulting a famous herbalist known as KAZIMOTO DOCTORS. She insisted that the only shortcut to achieving wealth is by consulting the witch doctor through the number+254741930918 ,”she boldly explained.

Elizabeth was tired of her struggling lifestyle, she immediately went to see the herbalist for a better lifestyle. The witch doctor being an expert at what he does awarded performed a spell to award Elizabeth with a bright star that would ensure that she never struggles in life again.
Days after the spell was performed for Elizabeth, she landed a job with a fast growing NGO organization in Turkana. A few months later she was selected to become the head of the marketing and PR strategists for the NGO even as a university dropout.

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