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This is how over thinking is causing you overeating, stress and depression

We’re supposed to live and learn from the living, but you’re trying to do the learning before the living. This is, of course, impossible. It only becomes a mental cage that leaves you feeling trapped and weak.

Your imagination generates worst case scenarios and you start experiencing them as if they were real. This catastrophic thinking messes up your feelings by injecting dread and gloom even when on the outside outside things are fairly normal.

Your mind is creating a virtual world similar to what you grew up in.

But your problem is that you don’t recognise it as a vice to unlearn, but rather you call it a personality trait.

Perhaps you developed it because of growing under chaotic parents or caregivers whose behaviour was so erratic and unpredictable that it kept you on the edge. You had to think hard and avoid triggering them into scolding you or punishing you in some deeply painful way.

Over thinking is a trauma conditioning, an attempt to find safety in instability. It’s a survival mode.
This means it keeps your body on a fight-or-flight mode, or hyper vigilanc. And so it imbalances your body chemicals and soon it results into hyper acidity and anxiety.

Solution? Wake up to the truth that you’re already out of your home or wherever you picked this habit from that was so emotionally unsafe. You’re not in danger anymore. Unlearn the fear and practise rest. Refuse to dwell on possible scenarios and instead use that energy to respond to the situation immediately in front of you. Refuse to board that ‘time travel’ into the future to just get whipped up over imaginary things.

Connect with the here and now. Believe in your ability to deal with life as it comes.

Make decisions and learn from the outcomes. Exercise caution but don’t aim for perfection. Tell your inner child that you’re safe now. It can rest, and trust.

Reconnect with your intuition and your nervous system. They’re your navigation system in times of uncertainty. Allow your life to unfold and become a student of your experiences. Become comfortable with the process of living forward and collecting the lessons as you go.

Allow incremental growth and rest in the fact that everyone learns like that. You will get better by trying and observing, not by fearing and self judging.

(©️ Benjamin Zulu Global)

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