“Thorough Mouth Cleaning Key to Eliminating Tooth Problems”, Says Dr Rachael Muhira

Dr Rachael Muhira, head of dental care at Kitale Level Four Hospital, has emphasised the importance of mouth cleanliness in preventing tooth ailments.

Speaking during the marking of World Mouth Day at Kipsongo slums in Saboti Sub County, Dr Muhira urged the public to thoroughly clean their mouths after every meal, stating that many of the tooth problems facing Kenyans are preventable.

Dr Muhira, in line with this year’s World Mouth Day theme “Be Proud of Your Mouth,” called for increased awareness of mouth health in the local community.

She added that many of the tooth ailments in the country are caused by the consumption of food without proper mouth cleaning.

Dr Muhira also announced the provision of free dental care, check-ups, and tooth treatment to over 200 people from the Kipsongo slums at Chetoto Secondary School in commemoration of World Mouth Day.

She urged the public to seek early treatment for tooth problems to avoid complications and tooth loss.
Dr Muhira assured those who have already lost their teeth that they should not give up hope. She said that the dental unit has several interventions, including tooth refilling, root canal, and scaling, to enable teeth to last longer and healthier.

For those who have lost teeth, Dr Muhira said there are various types of tooth replacement that can enable normal activities like eating, chewing, talking, and smiling.

Overall, Dr Muhira’s message emphasises the need for regular mouth cleaning and early treatment of tooth problems to maintain good oral health.

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