Those Involved in the Manufacture and Sale of Illegal Liquor in Uasin Gishu Warned

Uasin Gishu Director of Alcoholic Drinks and Licensing Board Koiya Arap Maiyo has put on notice those involved in the sale and manufacturing of illicit brew.

He says those who will be found will face the full force of the law.

“I want to give a stern warning to those involved in the sale and intake of illegal liquor we will work round the clock to ensure that this vice is a thing of the past. Such illegal businesses cannot be tolerated since they aim at destroying youths’ future,” said Maiyo while speaking to the press.

He said for this vice to end it needs concerted efforts between the County, National government, and residents.
“I want to call on residents to act as our watchdog by giving us information on those involved in the sale of illicit brew. Let us join hands to ensure the illicit brew is a thing of the past. From the raids that we conducted we have found out that people are consuming poison and we cannot allow it to happen under our watch,” Maiyo added.

He said the crackdown is ongoing and they have netted thousands of liters of illicit brews noting that bars and wines and spirits that are flouting laws will also be closed.

The director of the Alcoholic Drinks and Licensing Board further revealed that reformed illicit brew sellers and manufacturers
will be trained for them to do alternative jobs.

“First we will start with 80 of them who will be trained on different skills that will make them earn a living and stop selling and manufacturing alcohol. Our aim is to ensure we have a sober County,” he said.

He further warned bars that are operating without licenses that their days are numbered.

“Sadly, we have only licensed 80 percent of bars in the County and 20 percent are operating illegally, I am giving you a stern warning it is either you get a license or we close your business,” he said.

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