I’m 28 years old and go by name Bejamin Njeru. My life’s story is one of rising from extreme poverty, where getting three meals a day was a luxury. I was a homeless kid once, but fortunately, I met a kind stranger who helped me get back into school. After earning a degree in finance, I was unable to find a fulfilling career. As a result, I began taking on odd jobs to help put food on the table. This is how I got into Betting as a way to supplement my income. I used to be able to win a few games at initially, but I would typically lose a lot of money, which would make me very depressed. My life hasn’t been the same since my friend introduced me to SokaFans, an incredible prediction platform, two years ago. 

For starters, SokaFans can be compared to an online marketplace where Betting predictions can be bought or sold. Thousands of tipsters are available to you, offering carefully considered predictions for a reasonable fee—let’s say Kes 50 only. The benefit of this site is that gamblers can quickly locate the lucrative tipsters and purchase sure predictions from them because they are ranked and vetted based on their winning percentage.

I have been using SokaFans for the past two years, and I have never once been let down by it. I’ve been winning practically every day, and in a good month, I bring in over  Kes 700,000 in cash. Thanks to SokaFans, I have started a transport company, built a five-bedroom house, and purchased three cars. You are seriously missing out if you are a gambler and you are not using SokaFans.

It’s possible to earn money by offering Betting prediction. Although there is no cost to start as a tipster, there is a modest fee when tips are purchased. If you are proficient in football match analysis, SokaFans is the most reliable approach to earn Kes 5,000 each day in passive income. A Kisumu man recently disclosed that he sells tips on SokaFans and makes over Kes 250,000 every month.

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