Trans Nzoia County Boosts Branding Efforts to Attract Investment


Trans Nzoia County is stepping up its branding efforts to position itself as a preferred destination for agriculture, tourism, and business. The Department of Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development is leading this initiative, marking every entry point into the county.

During an inspection of the ongoing establishment of road signages at the Moi’s Bridge-Kapkoi entry point, CEC Lands Jane Rose Mutama highlighted the importance of these signages. “Not only will they brand the county, but they will also give us our identity and market the county as a destination for investment,” said Mutama.

The department plans to erect additional signages at the Trans Nzoia-Sikhendu border in the Mucharage area, the Trans Nzoia-West Pokot border at the Kesogon-Murkujit border, and the Kitale-Suam border areas.
Mutama emphasized the county’s diverse offerings, including agriculture, tourism, sports, and athletics, along with its unique climate and weather patterns. She believes these strategies will help market the county as people come and go.

Governor George Natembeya’s government is supporting these efforts through the department’s town beautification and branding program. The program aims to enhance the county’s image as an agricultural, tourism, and investment hub for all Kenyans, which is expected to boost the local economy.

Mutama issued a stern warning to those attempting to disrupt the town beautification program. “The law will catch up with them, and they will be prosecuted and made to pay for the destruction,” she said.

This statement comes just two days after the destruction of the county’s monumental beautification in the town along the Alakara lane and CMC lane at the Kitale central district.

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