Trans Nzoia County Engages American University Dons and Development Partners for Potential Collaborations

In a promising meeting held at the County Headquarters, Her Excellency the Deputy Governor, Philemonah Kapkory engaged university professors and development partners from North Carolina State University and the University of Missouri in the United States, exploring potential avenues for partnerships and collaborations.

The discussions aimed to identify areas of investment and support across various sectors, including education, health, road infrastructure, water, and industries.

The DG presented an overview of the potential areas for collaboration, emphasizing the county’s commitment to elevating the level of education for its children. To achieve this goal, the county has already invested in bursaries, scholarships, and the construction and equipping of Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centers and Vocational Training Centers (VTCs).

During the meeting, the Deputy governor proposed expanding scholarship awards to Trans Nzoia County students and establishing exchange programs for both students and teachers. Dr. Michel Falter and Dr. Matt Reynolds, leading the teams from North Carolina State University, received the suggestion positively, indicating a willingness to explore further collaboration opportunities.

Her Excellency the Deputy Governor
expressed her gratitude to Bishop Peter Wanyonyi for his efforts in creating linkages that will benefit the people of Trans Nzoia County. She assured the entire team of the county’s unwavering support and commitment to fostering fruitful partnerships.

Aside from education, other areas discussed for potential collaboration included the establishment of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) hub and the donation of laptops to schools. The meeting also addressed the need for ECDE teacher training, improvements in health sector infrastructure, and vocational training.

Addressing the issue of poverty eradication, the Deputy Governor affirmed the county’s dedication to supporting education initiatives, recognizing its vital role in uplifting communities. Moreover, she highlighted the county’s commitment to addressing climate change by restoring tree coverage, aligning with President’s directive to plant 15 billion trees by 2032.

Julia Kichwen Ruto, the County Executive Committee Member for Education, stressed the need for a university, county library, teacher training college, and scholarships, underscoring their significance in advancing educational opportunities. The meeting was also attended by Truphosa Amere, the County Secretary, Education CECM Julie Kichwen, and Economic Adviser Emmanuel Waswa.

The engagement with American university dons and development partners marks a significant step forward for Trans Nzoia County, fostering collaboration that promises to bring about transformative changes in various sectors. With the shared vision of improving education, infrastructure, and livelihoods, this partnership offers hope for a brighter future for the county’s residents and the nation at large.

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