Trans Nzoia County Joins Forces with Kenya Premier League for Under-20 Championship

Trans Nzoia County has embarked on a mission to nurture soccer talent among the youth by forging a partnership with the Kenya Premier League (KPL) to launch an under-20 soccer tournament. This collaborative effort aims to provide a platform for young athletes to exhibit their skills and pave the way for their growth and development in the sport.

Top officials from the KPL recently paid a visit to the county administration, engaging in fruitful discussions with Governor George Natembeya and Chanelle Kittony, the county executive committee member responsible for sports. The primary focus of these talks was to explore areas of collaboration and identify strategies to enhance the promotion of sports talents within the region.

Governor Natembeya expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, emphasizing the significant impact that nurturing talents can have on the county’s economy. He stated, “This initiative will not only boost the identification and development of talents but also provide income opportunities for our youth involved in sports. We wholeheartedly welcome this partnership.”

Kittony echoed the governor’s sentiments and underscored the importance of the under-20 tournament in fostering the growth of sports talents. She revealed plans to launch the youth soccer championship in August, which will serve as a crucial platform for nurturing and showcasing the skills of young footballers in the region.

The partnership between Trans Nzoia County and the KPL will encompass various facets, including capacity building, sponsorship linkages, and stadium development, all aimed at nurturing talents within the sector. Kittony emphasized, “Our collaboration will focus on fostering the growth and development of talents, ensuring that we create a conducive environment for youth football.”

The KPL’s under-20 championship, established in 2014, aims to provide aspiring young footballers with an opportunity to excel and fulfill their potential. The tournament has already witnessed three successful seasons from 2014 to 2016, and with this new partnership, it is poised to further enhance the development of youth football in Trans Nzoia County.

Truphosa Amere, the County Secretary, expressed her optimism regarding the positive impact of this partnership on the region. She stated, “This collaboration between Trans Nzoia County and the Kenya Premier League will create valuable opportunities for our talented youth and contribute to the overall growth of sports in our county.”

In line with the objective of making Trans Nzoia County a leading destination for sporting events and talent nurturing, PL Managing Director Jack Oguda revealed that plans are already underway. The delegation later visited St. Anthony’s Boys, where they inspected several sporting development initiatives at the school.

As Trans Nzoia County teams up with the KPL to promote youth football, the stage is set for the emergence of future soccer stars, showcasing the immense potential that lies within the county’s vibrant sporting community.

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