Trans Nzoia County Leaders Receive Critical Training on Land Laws and Management

Jane Rose Mutama, the CEC member for Lands, Housing, Planning, and Urban Development in Trans Nzoia County, presided over the official opening of a three-day Trans Nzoia County leaders’ sensitization workshop on land laws today. The workshop was organized by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in partnership with the county department of lands.

During the meeting, Mutama emphasized the critical nature of the workshop as it involved the county’s leadership from the executive, legislative, national government, and staff from both the national and county government. She added that the meeting was crucial for understanding the laws pertaining to proper land management systems of public land in the county.

Mutama also highlighted the importance of the county’s leadership in the management and securing of public lands in the area, noting that the training brought together the entire county’s actors and stakeholders to resolve some of the land laws and administration issues.

She further noted that the sensitization workshop came at an opportune time as the department was embarking on the recovery of all grabbed lands in the county. With proper understanding of the land laws, the county leadership could secure public lands in the county.

Alfred Weswa, the County Assembly Lands Committee Chairperson, commended FAO for the partnership, stating that the training would ensure that the county leadership and land stakeholders understood the laws correctly.

The FAO Programs Coordinator, Lindah Achieng, explained that the program under the Lands Governance Programme (DLGP) was working in six counties of the North Rift region. The program aimed to implement digitalization of land records and processes, installation of GIS labs, digitalization of lands registry capacity building and sensitization, and domestication of (AJS) policy in the county. Achieng added that educating members of the public on the effects of land fragmentation and land use for enterprise and food security, as well as mapping out conflicts and land disputes in the county, were also part of the program’s activities. The DLGP program is a five-year initiative implemented by FAO at a cost of Kshs 2.7 billion.

Among those who attended the training includes Boniface Wanyonyi CEC finance, Sam Ojwang’a CEC Public Service management and Jackson Amboka CEC public works among other county and national government officials.

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