Trans Nzoia County Officials Discuss Covid-19 Vaccination Programme Challenges in Stakeholder Meeting

A stakeholder meeting was held today by the health department to discuss the challenges facing the Covid-19 vaccination programme in the county.

The meeting was led by Benson Buluma, the immunization county coordinator, who provided an update on the vaccination status in Trans Nzoia county.

According to Buluma, the county has targeted 611,438 individuals, out of which 532,508 people above the age of 12 have been fully vaccinated, 243,475 have received partial vaccination, and 36,375 have received booster shots. He also emphasized the need for support in sensitizing and mobilizing communities to increase vaccine uptake.

The meeting was attended by health sector partners AMPATH UZIMA Plus, represented by county coordinators Dr. James Mairura and Dr. Maurine Ngesa, who commended the healthcare service providers for their efforts in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure more people get vaccinated in the county.

County health promotion officers, including Leah Okumu, Mary Kethire, and Julius Wachie, were also in attendance. They called on the public to ensure they take all required vaccinations, as per the Ministry of Health guidelines.

According to health statistics, a significant number of people have not completed their vaccinations.
Buluma cautioned the public to continue following the Ministry of Health guidelines and get vaccinated to avoid severe Covid-19 infections, especially since the number of Covid-19 cases is on the rise. He stressed that those most affected are individuals who have not received the Covid-19 vaccination.
As Buluma put it, “We urge everyone to take the vaccine to protect themselves from severe Covid-19 attacks when they come into contact with the virus.”

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