Trans Nzoia County Takes Bold Steps to Ease Congestion: New Bus Parks and Empowerment Funds to be Unveiled

Trans Nzoia County government has announced plans to construct three new bus parks in a bid to alleviate congestion in Kitale town.

Governor George Natembeya revealed that once the ongoing road construction is completed, these additional terminuses will serve Matatus operating on the Endebess, Kwanza, and Kachibora routes.

The announcement came during the reopening of the main bus terminus in Kitale, which had experienced a halt in operations due to clashes and disputes between two rival groups.

Governor Natembeya also disclosed that the implementation of the Nawiri fund, aimed at supporting local traders and vulnerable groups, is in its advanced stages.

“I am pleased to announce that applications for the Nawiri fund will commence next week. I urge group members to apply and secure funds to expand or initiate their businesses,” added Natembeya.

The governor reiterated that his administration has allocated a substantial amount of Sh. 102 million to the Nawiri fund initiative, which he believes will empower successful applicants to improve their economic standing.

Furthermore, he issued a warning to individuals who have purchased land in protected areas such as the Prison land in Kitale, stating that their investments will be rendered futile as all public land in the region will be reclaimed.

Governor Natembeya expressed his determination not to be intimidated by those who exploit legal avenues to hinder development in the county. As part of the new management committee at the bus park, representatives from the trade, enforcement, and lands departments will be included, along with the Kitale municipal manager and representatives from motorbike operators, hawkers, and Matatu owners.

Present at the event were County Secretary Truphosa Awuor, CECs Stanley Kirui (Trade), Janerose Mutama (Lands), Sam Ojwang (Public Works), Jackson Amboka (Public Works), and Phanice Khatundi (Agriculture).

Also in attendance were Matisi MCA Obed Mwale, Cherangany counterpart Edwin Kosgei, Governance Chief Officer Sammy Sichangi, Political Affairs Director Joshua Werunga, Communication’s Director Prof. Felix Sialo, Gender Affairs Director Justina Sitti, and Enforcement Director Josephat Ndumbi.

(Nicholas Wamalwa).

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