Trans Nzoia County: Unveiling a Future of Progress and Service Excellence

The Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor, Philomenah Bineah Kapkory, unveiled an impressive lineup of initiatives by Governor Natembeya’s administration that are set to transform service delivery in the county. The projects, ranging from state-of-the-art healthcare facilities to infrastructure development, are poised to make a significant impact on the lives of residents.

During a captivating address at the Munawar Muslim Primary School’s Labour Day event, Deputy Governor Kapkory passionately reaffirmed the administration’s unwavering commitment to serving the people of Trans Nzoia County. She highlighted the urgent need for improved service delivery and emphasized how the construction of the county headquarters would play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

Among the standout projects announced was the ultramodern Tom Mboya Mother and Child Hospital, which is set to revolutionize healthcare provision in the county. This cutting-edge facility will bring crucial medical services closer to residents, ensuring easier access and better health outcomes for mothers and children.

To alleviate the burden on residents who have long endured arduous journeys to access government services, the county government will embark on the construction of sub-county administrative offices. This visionary move aims to decentralize services and foster efficiency, ultimately enhancing the lives of the county’s inhabitants.
Recognizing the indispensable role of technology in modern governance, Deputy Governor Kapkory underscored the county administration’s unwavering focus on bolstering the ICT infrastructure. By improving communication channels and data management systems, the county aims to streamline operations and enhance service delivery across all sectors.

In an effort to enhance justice administration and revenue collection, Trans Nzoia County is set to establish a county court. This landmark development will expedite dispute resolution and empower the county to generate much-needed revenue for its various projects and initiatives.
With a firm belief in the power of professionalism, the county administration will equip enforcement officers with uniforms. This measure seeks to instill discipline, elevate standards, and ensure that law enforcement personnel deliver top-notch services to the residents.

Various departments within the county government are actively spearheading projects aimed at benefiting the community. Noteworthy among them are the construction of the Kenyatta Stadium, the procurement of essential supplies for vulnerable groups, and the facilitation of cultural events that celebrate the county’s rich heritage.

The Department of Health Services and Sanitation is leaving no stone unturned in improving healthcare provision. Initiatives such as the construction of a theater at Cherangany Sub County Hospital and a dedicated mother and Child hospital at Tom Mboya Health Centre will undoubtedly elevate the quality of care available to residents.
The Department of Lands, Housing, and Physical Planning is committed to unlocking the county’s potential. From reclaiming land for public use to spearheading affordable housing programs, the department’s visionary initiatives aim to transform Trans Nzoia into a model of sustainable urban development.

Education will witness significant progress with the construction of additional Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centers and the equipping of vocational training facilities. These initiatives are set to empower the county’s youth with the necessary skills and opportunities for a brighter future.

The Department of Agriculture, Irrigation, Livestock, and Fisheries is resolute in supporting farmers and ensuring food security. From the distribution of cutting-edge greenhouses to livestock productivity training, the department’s comprehensive approach will unlock the full potential of the agricultural sector.

The Department of Public Works, Transport, and Energy is on a mission to revitalize the county’s infrastructure. With a focus on road maintenance, installation of advanced floodlights, and the construction of critical transportation links, the department aims to foster seamless connectivity and ease of travel for residents.
The Department of Trade and Industrialization is breathing new life into the county’s economic landscape. Through market operational

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