Trans Nzoia Governor Inaugurates Wamuini and Mukuyuni Water Projects

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya today inaugurated the Wamuini and Mukuyuni water projects, urging residents to safeguard the water facilities for the benefit of the community.

During his speech at the event, the Governor reaffirmed his commitment to increasing the percentage of Trans Nzoia residents connected to clean piped water. He stated, “I will ensure that I fulfill my campaign pledges, one of which is to ensure that residents have access to clean water.”

The Governor acknowledged the prolonged suffering endured by residents, who had to travel long distances to access water. He expressed his hope that the water project would alleviate their hardships and stated in Wamuini, “This water point will bring an end to the suffering that has deprived many residents of valuable working time spent fetching water.”

To ensure the welfare of the residents, the county will establish groups responsible for managing water resources, including dams. The Governor emphasized that some dams would be used for irrigation and others for fish stocking, with the aim of improving the living standards of the community.

Encouraging economic empowerment, the Governor urged residents to form companies in order to benefit from government contracts and other opportunities. He lamented the fact that many business opportunities were currently benefiting individuals from other counties, stating, “It is disheartening that most Trans Nzoia residents shy away from doing business with the county.”

The Governor assured the audience that his administration would continue working collaboratively with the county assembly to facilitate seamless implementation of development projects. He urged residents to actively participate in public forums to shape county projects, emphasizing their role in the county’s progress.

Furthermore, the Governor called upon leaders in the county to unite and work together for the betterment of development and the economic well-being of the residents. He also emphasized the importance of peace and harmony in the cosmopolitan county, stating, “All communities are free to conduct their business without interference.”

Addressing the issue of improving living standards, the Governor challenged residents to form groups and benefit from the Nawiri Fund, designed to uplift their livelihoods. He also expressed his administration’s commitment to reducing taxes and levies, aiming to lower the cost of doing business in the county.

Deputy Governor Mrs. Philomenah Kapkory highlighted the county’s various development initiatives aimed at improving the lives of residents. Water CEC Patrick Gacheru assured the audience that the county would continue to restore all water points throughout the area.

Dorothy Nyukuri, the water Chief Officer, revealed that the county had already rehabilitated boreholes and planned to drill an additional boreholes to ensure water access for residents.

Daniel Kiprugut, Chairperson of the county assembly’s Water and Natural Resource Committee, reaffirmed the assembly’s commitment to accelerating policies, laws, and budgets aimed at enhancing water provision for Trans Nzoia residents.

Leaders from the Wamuini Community, led by Kabuya, expressed their appreciation for the governor’s efforts in involving them in the management and development of the county. They commended the Governor, stating, “The new administration’s appointment of community members clearly demonstrates that the governor values the contributions of all communities living in the county.”

Prominent individuals present at the event included County Secretary Mrs. Truphosa Amere, Agriculture CEC Phanice Khatundi, Trade CEC Stanley Kirui, Roads CEC Amboka Jackson, Education CEC Julia Kichwen Rutto, Health CEC Dr. Pepela Wanjala, as well as various county assembly members and leaders from other spheres of governance.

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