Trans Nzoia Governor Initiates Museum Upgrade and Greening Project

The Kitale National Museums of Kenya will undergo a modern upgrade to restore its former glory, according to Governor George Natembeya. During a visit to the facility on Wednesday, Natembeya announced plans to revamp the museum, including the construction of structures dedicated to performing arts and traditional activities.

The governor expressed regret over the impact of colonialism on African culture. He urged the community to embrace their cultural heritage and emphasized the importance of preserving indigenous traditions.

Natembeya emphasized the need to preserve local languages, urging parents to teach their children their mother tongue. He stressed that losing their cultural identity would be detrimental to the community’s development. The governor’s remarks came as he led the launch of the Greening Trans Nzoia initiative, which promotes environmental conservation in the county.

During the event, elders from the Bukusu community highlighted the significance of indigenous trees that were once medicinal but are now facing extinction. Recognizing their value, Natembeya underscored the importance of planting and preserving such trees, as they hold cultural and ecological significance for local communities. As a demonstration of his commitment, the governor distributed 10,000 tree seedlings of various species, which were designated for planting within the museum’s premises.

Deputy Governor Kapkory expressed her enthusiasm for the Greening Trans Nzoia project, stating, “We are thrilled to launch the Greening Trans Nzoia project, and we are grateful for the support of Governor Natembeya and our dedicated county officials. By planting indigenous tree species, we are not only contributing to environmental conservation but also preserving our cultural heritage. These trees will serve as living reminders of our traditions and provide numerous benefits to our communities.”

As part of the initiative, Governor Natembeya visited Zea Vocational Training Center in Kwanza, Khalwenge dispensary in Endebess and Chemichemi Primary School in Saboti, where he led the local communities in planting and distributing tree seedlings. The Greening Trans Nzoia initiative aims to promote environmental sustainability and enhance the natural beauty of the county, with the county government striving to create a greener and healthier environment for its residents.

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